Saturday, August 14, 2010

When everything seems to go against you, remember You'll Never Walk & Fight Alone!

When the going gets tough, the tough get's going. When everything seems to be going against you, it's the perfect time to stand up and show what you're capable of. This is the opportunity to show all the doubters,haters and naysayers the middle finger and say it to their face "Fuck you and your back-stabbing. I am better than YOU."

Don't give up, there are low profile but street-smart people out there who will help and guide you. Be strong and hang on. There is light in front of the dark tunnel. Short-term pain for long term stability - get that into your head and haul ass! You can do it. Toughen up and stop moaning. Action speaks louder than all the negative words and gossips. 

To the doubter, naysayer and hater - YOU know who you are. Remember this, what goes around come around and karma is a bitch! Please let it be known that your dark intensions can be seen through your thin veiled outer shell. You can label others as evil, selfish or any other worst kind of scum imaginable and make it believable to your intended audiences, but please realise the ultimate judge up there will eye your every move, action and lie.

This is not my battle, but i will fight as if my life depends on it. I don't like to fail nor will i like to see a friend getting ganged up on and bullied to the ground. I made a promise to help and i will. Mark my words - failure is not an option and those who has got your back covered, will fight tooth and nail beside you all the way to see you succeed. Don't let this opportunity go, grab it with both your hands no matter how tough it will be in the first couple of months. Things will only get worse before it gets any better.

Plan your point of attack and strategy. Leave no stones unturned, leave no corners unchecked. Your imidiate superiors might not act in support of you, but you can still get things done your way. Do not fear, there's always a new window if those in front of you looked shut. When push comes to shove, those supporting you will help you heck a hole through the wall to get your call for help through.

All is not lost, there is a big chance to win the war even though everything look bleak now. You might have lost the battle at the moment, but the final outcome of the war is still not yet set in stone. All you need to do, is to decide are you willing to fight and get tough? If the answer is yes, you are well on your way and you must hang in there no matter how bad things will get initially. Time to clean house and throw out all the negative forces and install your own team of soldiers who will fight for you!

Get it into your head - all is not lost. Don't give up without a good fight and do exactly what those who look down on your want - you giving up.You are not fighting alone!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Farewell Senator Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy - 1932-2009

The last of the famous Kennedy clan brothers who gave so much for freedom and democracy, not only in the US but also throughout the world has returned to God to be with his 2 brothers who made the ultimate sacrifices on the altar of democracy: John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy.

To Senator Edward Kennedy, you not only give hope to American people but to all citizens of the world. Your selflessness in pursuing justice and equality for all will serve to inspire everyone to continue the fight and dream for a better world. Thank you and rest in peace.

"Integrity is the lifeblood of democracy. Deceit is a poison in its veins." Edward Kennedy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Justice For Teoh Beng Hock.

I was shocked and in disbelief when i heard of the tragic death of a young and idealistic man who tried to make a difference for all of us fellow Malaysians. He tried to break through the lines that have devided us for over 50 years but ultimately was taken away and sacrificed in the fight for better governance and equality for all.

Conflicting details of his untimely demise has been splashed across the media and there still some disturbing and lingering questions to be answered by the MACC. The investigations of corruption on the PR Selangor State Excos and Assemblymen in itself, is already dubious before this tragedy. I am not going to touch on the stupid press statements and unscrupulous reporting by the powers that be. We as matured Malaysians, know better and refused to be spoon fed with lies and deceit anymore. Enough is enough.

We have already lost a man with a bright future to a corrupt system. I sincerely hope PR will buck-up, and not let Teoh Beng Hock's sacrifices and struggles be wasted. Stop the petty differences. Work together irregardless of different ideology and political views, as at the end of the day, all of us Malaysians want the same things - better governance, equality, no corruption and justice.

To those who try to seed hatred with this tragedy, let be know that God and the people are watching you closely. We the RAKYAT are not stupid and easy to brain-wash anymore. Those who sow the seeds of hatred will have retributions coming your way. It's not about politics and race anymore. Let it be known that either way, the truth shall prevail and justice be served.

Teoh Beng Huat, your fight will go on and we Malaysians will seek to undone the injustices done to you. Rest be assured, your name, your sacrifice and what you stand for will not be forgotten. The fight will go on and you will not go down in vain.

Lastly, my deepest condolences to the Teoh family and his beloved fiance. Rest In Peace my fellow Malaysian.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TF 2 - Revenge of the Fallen: My take / review

After giving it much thought, and coming from a pretty hardcore TF fan, I'd have to give the movie a thumbs down. More hype than anything else i'd say. Probably the only thing that got me through the whole movie was the cool transforming process of Optimus Prime and one hot looking Megan Fox!

As a gear-head myself, nothing is more sexy than to see a hot chick with a mechanic's overall, holding a wrench in one hand and with engine oil smeared all over the body! Dang, Megan Fox is da bomb! As a G1 fan, i absolutely despise the "organic" looking newer Autobots and all of the Decepticons. Bloody hideous if you ask me.

Story wise, there not much to talk about honestly. If not for some of the more funny scenes involving Sam's parents and more specifically his mum, i'd most probably be bored to death. Well, looking at the way the movie ended, there will definitely be a third TF movie.

Lastly, i'll leave the movie as a pure action flick in typical Michael Bay fashion - great shots and great special effects. No more, no less.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Transformers Hype and Madness!

Been a week since Transformers 2 - Revenge of The Fallen has been playing in the local cinemas, I've yet to be able to get the tickets to the show times that i want. Darn TGV Aeon Bukit Tinggi cinema is just a stone's throw away from my office and i'm still having trouble getting the tickets. My colleague told me he had to buy the tickets, 3 days in advance and yet he still got the early show that starts at 7:45pm and not exactly the best seats as well.

Well, i've been a big fan of the cartoon series since the 80's and the Generation 1 (G1) times. I'm always glued to the tv every Saturday morning trying to catch the 30 minutes series when i was younger. Who can forget that red and blue truck - Optimus Prime? I can't remember how many times i begged my dad to get me the toy for my birthday during my younger days - to no vail.

All, the while i thought i've been through that stage and out grown the cartoon. Oh boy! How wrong i was in assuming that. When the movie first came out in 2007, my jaw dropped right down to the floor. Nevermind the cheesy storyline, the mare fact of seeing Optimus transform in the movie alone was enough to blow my mind away. The yearning for all things Transformer see me spending money to build up my collection of the toys. Damn it! I turned into an old little kid overnight. Imagine a dude my age hunting for them toys on ebay and in the local toy shops. You won't believe how many similar guys do the same thing as me - diehard and harcore fans.

This time around, i'm not gonna get so crazy on the toys part (i've got most of them anyways, especially the different versions of Optimus), but am still hunting high and low for the ticket for the sequel. Till then, it looks like i'll just have to watch more of the first movie on my Blu-Ray.

-Jon"Optimus Prime"C

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Recession in football? What recession?

The sports (specifically the footie) section lately, never seizes to amaze me. When most are suffering on the sidelines with the world-wide recession, the footballing gods are doing their part by summoning the rich disciples like the Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea and Real Madrid to spend big to help revitalise the world-wide economy. How noble of them to do so.

Well, where does it leave us - a debt saddled and "living in history" club, Liverpool? 20 million quids in the transfer kitty for Rafa? Looking at the crazy inflated prices of players across the continent and the expected 6+5 rules which is inflating an already inflated local British Isle players' prices, we won't even be able to afford Kaka's right boot. The mercurial Brazilian just left San Siro for £56m. How about the reported +/- £70m for the *ahem* greasy haired and constantly diving er..... ya know who i mean.

The financial report released last week did nothing to appease the already enraged faithfuls. What ever good news about the pre-tax profit of £10.2m was quickly burnt out by the report of £359m debt and £41m annual loss. The two clowns on top was reported to have claim up to £2m in personal expenses.

I'm braced to see us getting screwed in the transfer market. Already been reported, our targets are already being courted and some already courted by the big carrots being dangled infront of 'em...... cue one Gareth Barry - which in away, is good as we don't need an overated Ingerlund player.

Expect to see more fringe players leave the club in order to free up resources to get the players we need. Andrea Dossena has already handed in a transfer request and heading back to Serie A (likely Juve). Who's next? The often frustrating Ryan Babel? The much blamed and misunderstood Lucas Leiva? Don't even bother talking bout Andrei Voronin - he's gone the day we shipped..... er i mean loaned him back to the Bundesliga.

The really frustrating part is how many of our "spine" team members will leave? Mascherano is being courted by Barca - which i doubt will succeed in tempting our version of Wolverine to leave.... yet. The most worrying player is Alonso. I mean who can blame him after the way he was treated last summer while the gaffer was "pimping" him to the continental clubs to pay for that before mentioned over-rated Ingurland player.

It's gonna be a crazy summer and i'm braced for more heartbreaks. Let's hope most of the "spine" of the team will still be coming over to Thailand or Singapore for the pre-season friendlies. BTW, is it juts me or are the ticket for the game in our friendly southern neighbour, bloody expensive? I'm missing the game pure for the fact that i am brooke and would rather invest in the 1k i would have to spend into my trip to Anfield fund.

Any how, the world still spins on it's 23.5° from vertical axis and life still goes on irregardles of how much shit i am painfully seeing in my beloved footie club. My mostly hate relationship with my work still hovers on. As the club motto goes, i'll never walk alone - and that's what keeping me sane. Walk on.

P/S - We, The Mighty Reds' have been having a recession since the day the pic above was taken in 1990.


Monday, May 18, 2009

The Irony of It All!

Been too darn distress to update me blog lately. And no, it's not because The Mighty Reds screwed up and didn't win the BPL title. It's was no other than the ugly politics in the Silver State that really got me riled up. By now everyone would have had access into the ugly scenes in the DUN, so it's pointless for me to post the shameless videos and pictures of the despicable acts that happened in there. Using "outsiders" to do their dirty bidding is truly shameful and uncalled for.

Now, the female frog's constantly changing and dramatic explanations about the "hotel key" incident is a fooking insult to all our intelligence. Wait, maybe she'd left her brain after hopping around so much. Videos and pictures have clearly shown she did the "deed" but wait, in Bolehland judiciary she might still get scott free.

For a while there, i thought there was daylight at the end of the tunnel for our judiciary system. Then again in less than 24 hours, the darkness resumed again. All this drama is turning us into the laughing stalk of the world. Democracy is truly dead and buried here.

All this confusion and non-sense ain't doing all of us any good, especially to Perakians like me. Instead of working on getting the economy back on track, our "tai-kor" is busy with lawyers working on taking away the people's power in choosing their representative. I got so bloody disillusioned, i was contemplating to never set foot in Perak again until this mess is settled once and for all.

Let's see if the appeals court will act "funky" again after delaying the PR's appeal to the coming 21st May. Look's like they are not so efficient after all. What happened to the less than 24 hour appeal of execution approval granted to the illegal MB earlier. Hmmmmmmm, i smell a rat of miles away!